What do I do after being arrested for reckless driving in Richmond?

What To Do After A Richmond Reckless Driving Arrest

We’re human, we make mistakes, and that means occasionally we land in a rough spot. After recently being involved in a reckless driving arrest, you will be meeting judges and prosecutors who will evaluate your situation and decide what punishment you deserve. It is critical to understand your rights and the process of a reckless driving arrest to get back up on your feet.

What to Expect

When a magnifying glass is being pointed at your case, it’s essential to become aware of the potential outcomes you could be facing. Every case is different, however, a few of the most common consequences in Virginia include:

  • Fines of up to $2,500
  • License suspension of up to six months
  • Up to one year in jail

This doesn’t look appealing to anybody, you deserve to have a professional attorney reviewing your case to assist in ensuring you receive minimal consequences.

Ways to Help Your Case

Your steps during your trial is crucial, there are several methods that you can use to provide support for your case in the courtroom. One is requesting that the judge listen to the witnesses that are able to testify for you. You don’t have to testify, you can write a letter on your behalf. How you behave is a major influence on your charges, a good impression will significantly help you and often beneficial to accept responsibility for your actions and give a sincere apology for what has happened.

The Help You Need

Now you likely don’t have much if any professional insight regarding recent Richmond reckless driving laws. If you’re been arrested, it is critical to come prepped with the essential knowledge to protect your rights in the court of law, thankfully the staff of experienced and professional Richmond reckless driving attorneys from the Law Office of Gregory R. Hough are here for you. They can provide the necessary legal assistance to get you through your time in court, so why wait? Call today for a free legal consultation.